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Welcome to my corner of the Internet. Students know me best as Mr. Ware. I am an experienced technology educator and administrator living in the Boston area.Currently I am a middle and high school technology teacher at the Brimmer and May School in Newton, Massachusetts. This will be my first time focusing primarily on teaching so I'm very excited about that!I created this site to share some of my suggestions for great technology tools to use in the classroom. I've also gathered some articles that discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion in the classroom. I hope you find this site helpful. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or just to say hello!


I am a native of Boston, MA. I earned my BA from UMass and my graduate degree from Boston College. I've worked in education for most of my professional career. I started my career in higher education and eventually landed in K-12 schools. I enjoy teaching and assisting teachers with effective uses of technology. My approach to teaching is a simple one, all learning must include plenty of hands-on learning opportunities and collaboration with peers.Whether teaching or working in an administrative role, I am a staunch advocate for equity and inclusion for all learners. In my opinion, real learning cannot take place in an environment that isn't supportive of all students.As an educator, I believe I have a responsibility to ensure all students are learning in an environment that values and respects who they are as individuals. That has always been my most important job.

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This page serves primarily as a resource for students who are currently enrolled in one of my computer science classes. Have a suggestion for this page? Send it my way!

AP COMPUTER SCIENCE PRINCIPLES (AP CSP)AP Computer Science Principles is an introductory college-level computing course that introduces students to the breadth of the field of computer science.Like other AP courses, taking AP CSP is an opportunity to earn college credit. Taking AP CSP and earning 3 or higher on the exam shows that you have developed the knowledge and skills expected of a student that has completed an introductory computer science course in college.Current students go here for a list of summer work.

AP Computer Science A is an introductory college-level computer science course. Students cultivate their understanding of coding through analyzing, writing, and testing code as they explore concepts like modularity, variables, and control structures.
Current students go here for a list of summer work.

AP CSA Summer Assignment 2024:
Join with your school email. Once you have an account, use the following join code: RCCZLC. You need to complete the following assignments in Unit 1: Object-Oriented Programming, before our first class next fall.

Want a head start? If you are new to text based coding, I recommend taking the following self-paced course over the summer: Codecademy: Intro to Java. This is a great introduction to the Java language. The entire course takes about 6 hours so you can finish it in a day. It's also free!

AP CSP Summer Assignment 2024:First, create a account if you don't already have one using your Brimmer School email account. Use your actual name when prompted so I know who you are. While logged into Go here to complete an AI enhanced introduction to coding. Make sure you are completing Dance Party: AI Edition. At the end of the tutorial, you'll get a chance to make your own project. You'll share this with me in September. Have fun with this assignment!Next, you will need to read three chapters from Blown to Bits. Chapter 1: The Digital Explosion | Chapter 2: Naked in the Sunlight | Chapter 3: Who Owns Your Privacy?You can access a PDF copy of the book here. You will be assessed on what you read during our first class in September.

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